Did get a call from someone who has a cabinet

Did get a call from someone who has a cabinet that he has lost the key for whilst moving house. After phoning a couple of other locksmiths, one of them told him to phone Andy Stott, as he’s probably the only person in the area able to do that sort of work. Going round Saturday to make him a key.

That’s about 3 jobs I’ve had in last month, where other locksmiths have recommend me as they can’t do the job required.

Saved her £50

Was on a job earlier, the customer wanted a lock changed. When I got there it was a Chubb 3K70, which retails at around £90. I checked why she wanted it changed and it was because she wanted the keys changed so I changed the detainers over and saved her £50.

Just been on an interesting one, guy phoned on behalf of his friend

Just been on an interesting one, guy phoned on behalf of his friend. They had been trying to change a euro cylinder on the front door, and had got themselves in to a right jam. Drilling screws and generally jamming the whole lock in the door. When I got to site, I learned that the friend had some mental health issues and wanted to change the lock as he is going into an institution this afternoon. After I started his girlfriend turned up and an argument started, I carried on fixing the problems and fitting the new cylinder trying not to get involved. By the time I was done, there was five people involved in the argument with the police on the way! Anyway the locks fixed, his friend has the keys I got paid and got off in the van without getting dragged into the commotion. The life of a locksmith

A lady in Thatcham phoned on Thursday about a multipoint lock

A lady in Thatcham phoned on Thursday about a multipoint lock that was not working on her front door. She had phoned another locksmith on Monday, who came and had a look. He told her he would get back to her with a price but, still hadn’t by Wednesday. She called a second locksmith on Wednesday, who said he would be around later that day to give a price. He didn’t turn up at all. So on Thursday I went within an hour of being called, identified the lock, which was quite a rare one, with no identifying marks on it. (maybe the first guy couldn’t identify it). I gave her a price for a new lock and my labour to fit it whilst there, which she agreed too. So I went ahead and ordered the lock and by Friday at 11am, I had a very happy customer with a brand new fitted and working front door lock.

If you call someone with proper training and over 30 years experience first you may not have to wait all week to have the problem sorted.

Got a call from a local school where

Got a call from a local school where one of the under five’s had gone into the teachers toilet, locked the door and they thought had thrown the keys down the toilet. The pupil didn’t seem at all bothered but the teachers were in a flap. I picked the lock open and found the keys down the back of the rad. Both keys were on the same keyring. If someone had thought to keep the spare in the staff room or separate from the one in use, they would not have had a problem.

Called to a property in Chieveley

Called to a property in Chieveley where the UPVC door lock to the shed had failed. Customer was panicking as his brand new pride & joy Ducati motorcycle was locked in and he thought he had left the tap running in there. I managed to open the door and replace the gearbox. The tap was off all the time so his pride & joy was fine.

After a 5 year apprenticeship

“After a 5 year apprenticeship to learn my trade from full time professional people, I have learnt all aspects of the business, and not just specialise in one area of the trade; this ensures that you, our client, gets the most professional and reliable service available on the market place today.”
Andy Stott, Proprietor