Home Security Top Tips for the Summer

As the weather finally starts to improve, and the evenings are getting lighter we try to spend more time in the garden, and naturally want to have windows – and often doors, open. After all we have spent months with the heating on – locking ourselves in, trying to fend off the cold and rain! Unfortunately, the summer months can then leave us more susceptible to burglary. Here are a few simple tips to keep your home secure – and still be able to let some fresh air in!

1. An extra pair of ‘eyes’ always helps!

Summertime brings garden time, BBQ’s, relaxing in the sun, enjoying a morning coffee outdoors, or watching the kids play. Either way you will be constantly listening to hear if anyone is at the front of the house – not just if they are up to no good, but if someone has knocked and are trying to reach you. Why not try a home security system? We can offer a range of reasonably priced systems, where you can check your smartphone from your sun-lounger – and see just what is going on at the front of your house.

2. Out of sight – means keep it closed!

Remember no matter how good your insurance policy, they may not pay out a break-in through an open window or door. If you cannot see that door or window – keep it closed. If you want to leave windows open at night, then it is a good idea to use a restrictor on the window so it cannot be opened very far. This way nobody can get in, but you can still get a nice cool breeze.

3. Keep your shed safe!

It’s surprising how many valuable items we keep in the garden shed, summerhouse or detached garage. Often these have really poor locks, which are easily broken. Make sure your shed has a really good lock on it, and look to use tamper-proof hinges and screws. If nothing else, a decent lock will be a deterrent to an opportunistic burglar – and hopefully they will just move on to find an easier target.

4. Valuables on view is an open invitation!

Never leave anything of value in plain sight, it’s sounds obvious but it’s one of the easiest ways to attract an intruder. Be especially aware of keeping car keys and house keys not only out of sight, but far away from doors and windows.

5. Stop the press!

If you are off on holiday – especially if it’s a long extended stay, then ask a neighbor or friend if they would mind clearing the post from the doormat. That big pile of letters is a big giveaway that the house is empty. If you have a newspaper delivered – remember to stop that delivery until you return. The Royal Mail do also have a service where they will hold onto your post until you return.

6. Let there be light!

Lights are great – they make intruders think you are home. Obviously if you are away on holiday you don’t want to be running the electricity permanently – but a couple of carefully places lamps with timer switches will do the job. Alternatively invest in some ‘smart bulbs’. These Wi-Fi enabled bulbs can be operated from your smart phone – from wherever you are. Ikea have just launched a smart home lighting system and it’s worth checking it out.

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