I heard a story a while ago, concerning a property where the new tenants woke to find a person asleep on the couch in the front room. It turns out he was a relation of the previous tenant and having a key to the property decided after a couple of beers to crash at his sisters place, even though she no longer lived there. All turned out to be relatively innocent but, do you know how many people have keys to your property, and who they are. How many people give a copy of the key to a neighbour in case they get locked out. Then get it back when they leave?

One solution to this is to have locks with registered keys installed, in the case of a multipoint lock, it’s just the cost of a replacement cylinder, no need to have the whole lock replaced. The advantage to having registered keys is that you have complete control over all the keys in circulation. Nobody can get extra keys cut without your authorisation, so if you issue your new tenants with 4 keys when they leave as long as you get 4 keys back there is no chance of finding someone unexpected on the couch. Initial cost of a registered lock is slightly higher than standard but gives peace of mind and the costs can be covered in the tenant agreement should there be keys missing at the end of tenancy, requiring the locks to be replaced.

If you have more than one property, you can also have a number of locks on a registered master suite system, this is where you have one “master” key that will gain entry to all the locks on the system. So if you currently have a bunch of 6 keys to cart about, you could cut this to just one. I can also supply cylinders with a split clutch, so that even if there is a key on the inside your key will still work from outside.

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